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Joe Joaquin | Mixer


selected Works



Joe Joaquin is a grammy award losing mixer and mastering engineer working out of his space ship ´custom mojo mk III´. He partners with artists and bands on hand-crafted projects of all types and excels in making rock, pop, electronic or organic productions come to life with sure instinct and sonic precision. His uncompromising dedication, meticulous attention to musical detail, the ability to listen closely to the vision of the artist and an always open-minded approach towards the crafting and shaping of sound have helped to unlock the full potential of numerous major and independent releases. 


clients include Leonel García, Mighty Oaks, AnnenMayKantereit, Kaffkiez, BUKAHARA, Rikas, JULI, Slut, Madeline Juno, Lotte, Joya Marleen, Van Holzen, Ian Hooper, Aaron Taos, NONA, Muff Potter, M. Byrd, Bruckner, RAUM 27, Neufundland, Judith Holofernes, Maeckes, OK Kid, Leepa, Bayuk, OSKA, Luca Vasta, Fibel, Tristan Brusch, Lion Sphere, Havington, Pohlmann., Lias, Charlotte Brandi, Lucy Clearwater, Mani Orrason, GARDENS OF CAPRI, Stanovsky, Lance Butters, Brosie, Jo Halbig, Pablo Brooks, Sweed, Blackout Problems, LAKE CISCO, DISSY, Braake, Kid Dad, Varley, Ahmed Eid, Minneapolis, Adna, Paul Eisen, Peter Piek, FLUIDARMES, Sea + Air, Blinker, Florian Ostertag, Lasse Matthiessen, Ed Prosek, SO SOON, Hugo Santini, YUUN, Streichelt, Mary And The Sharks, POWER PLUSH, Ramnäs, A Tale Of Golden Keys, FINA, FERN, Me And My Drummer, Like Lovers, Death By Gong, DAS BLÜHENDE LEBEN, SPERLING, Future Franz, Meijar, Sorry 3000, Fabian Simon & The Moon Machine, Chai Khat and many more.


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