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Custom Mojo MK III is the result of more than 15 years experience in designing, tuning and most importantly working in many different studio environments and trying to come up with a zero-compromise solution for a mixing and mastering space. Acoustics, equipment, ergonomics, aesthetics. This space ticks all the boxes and embodies pretty much a dream come true to me. The studio is based on a powerful true hybrid mixing setup with flexible outboard and tools - arranged and gain-staged in a rather sophisticated and always musical way - that interlock exceptionally well and always provide musical solutions for every situation. The environment provides a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with tons of daylight or starry skies - (guess I have always been dreaming of a space where it will take only 5 seconds to change from the mixing sweet spot to a hamaca in the sun..) - this space provides comfortable opportunities to relax inside or outside. With cornerstones like the Strauss SE-NF-3 mastering speakers backed by a Trinnov ST2 Pro, the insanely musical and flexible UnderTone Audio Unfairchild 670M II + UNFa-1 Accessory Box,  MPEQ-1s, MPDI-4, the Chandler Limited TG 12345 Curve Bender, the Overstayer M-A-S 8101, Audeze MM-500 and state of the art conversion and an ever growing and improving array of finest digital processing it is hardly conceivable for me to want to work some place else.



Ears, mine (x2)
Excellent room treatment, tons of tube traps, near linear response
Strauss SE-NF 3 mastering studio monitors
Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer System

UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M II

UnderTone Audio UnFairchild UNFa-1 Accessory Box

UnderTone Audio MPDI-4

Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 Curve Bender

Crane Song HEDD Quantum AD / DA

2x UnderTone Audio MPEQ-1 microphone preamplifier and Equalizer
Overstayer 8101 M-A-S
Crane Song Avocet IIA with Quantum reference DAC

Audeze Manny Marroquin MM-500

D.W. Fearn LP-1 Line Pad

Apple Mac Studio M2 Ultra with Apple Studio Displays
Bryston 4B Pro Amplifier
4x Vincent SP-997 Amplifier

Flux Pure Analyzer System

ProAc Studio 1 & SuperTower
Klein + Hummel mini monitors

3x Universal Audio Satellite Octo Thunderbolt 
All UAD plugins licenses, used on 28 SHARC DSP processors
selected high quality native plugins incl. Crane Song, Dave Hill Designs, SoundToys etc. 
Custom mixing table with custom walnut racks by Rob Gould
Korg GR-1 spring reverb
Wersivoice Rotor String Chor Sound
Rickenbacker 4001 Bass (1979)
Waterloo Collings Jumbo King Deluxe Acoustic Guitar
Fender Jaguar FSR Thinline Electric Guitar
Mellotron M4000D
ARP Solina
Suzuki Omnichord OM-150
Yamaha Vintage FG 375S Acoustic Guitar
Casiotone MT-68
Iso Acoustics speaker isolation
All Mogami Gold series cabling
Furman PL Plus CE power conditioner
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 ohms
Beyerdynamic DT 770
Bose Soundlink Mini III
Fine Mezcals and selected IPAs in the living room for you


take your project to the next level.. say hey.

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