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I AM..

..a music fan and not interested in doing only one particular kind of genre or sound.
..serious about what I do.
..trying to be not so serious about myself. and yet uncompromising, easy-going and yet focused and well-organized.
..happy to get you more than just the sound you’re looking for.
..curious about finding new ways of how to get there, every day.
..trying to pick you up where you end but the song wants to go on.
..demanding, hungry and ambitious yet still trying not to overthink things.
..aware that no one gives a rats ass about those last two percent but..
..going all the way with your tune.
..a cosmonaut of the space between our chairs.
..enjoying it to work on a project that embodies pretty much the opposite of what I did before. 
..a scientific researcher trying to let go when the time is right.
..really freaking passionate about tone, transients, harmonics, oh well..
..grateful to work on real music crafted by real people.
..certain that there is nothing I would love to do more.
..making sure that you are having a great time and guaranteeing prime service. honest team player.
..not stopping until you are happy. 

..the friction surface on the side of the matchbox..
..still pretending that people have decent stereos.
..trying to make love stay, too.


My Job Is.. capture the core of a song and discover its real potential. unleash that potential and to preserve its creative integrity.
..psychology and translation. be the driver, the co-driver and the girl on the back seat. bring out the key emotions of a song. listen closely, to really pick you up and stay hungry.
..the delicacy of working with instinctive feeling. narrate a vision sonically. also tell it between the lines. read between the lines first. travel along the perception threshold. aquire new techniques each and every day. let the song tell me when and how to use them.
..involving a juicy dose of technical enthusiasm and years of experience but most importantly it requires me to let go of all that again.
..requiring passion, experience, intuition and uhm good taste.
..visual and physical.
..done best with minimal thinking. be the friction surface on the side of the matchbox..
..different each day. How cool is that! enter a tune and to release its soul.

take your project to the next level.. say hey.

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